Smart drivers who travel the always busy and congested roadways know that being a defensive driver is essential. It's also important to drive a vehicle that emphasizes state of the art safety features. That's why at Star Volvo Cars Greensburg we are excited to introduce our customers to the 2019 Volvo V90, one of the most popular vehicles offered in the luxury wagon category.

Anti-lock brakes are standard equipment on the Volvo V90. ABS brakes help to modulate brake pressure when it senses that a tire has stopped rotating, increasing the driver's ability to turn safely while braking. Stability control also helps prevent the driver from losing control of the vehicle when handling limits have been exceeded.

The Volvo V90 features not one but four sets of airbags for increased safety of driver and passengers, including front impact, side-impact, knee and overhead. Today is the perfect time to test drive the Volvo V90!



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