The Volvo S90 is easy to control on rough terrain because its stylish wheels provide traction. Each tire receives proper grip without slipping by relying on powerful hardware under the Volvo S90's hood.

All four wheels are wide, which is beneficial since a large surface area enhances traction and precision. The rims complement the tires; they give the Volvo S90 flair and great wind resistance. Under the hood, there is an advanced engine that powers the wheels. You can equip the Volvo S90 with one of three engines. Volvo has a turbocharged, supercharged, and hybrid option, and each type gives the S90 reliable performance perks on the road.

If you visit Star Volvo Cars Greensburg, you can learn more about other standard Volvo S90 features. We have the Momentum and Inscription trims in stock, and they're available for a test drive. Our business is located in Greensburg, and we set up cruises by our dealership.



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