Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking

A leaking exhaust can be a huge issue because of all the different issues it presents. Luckily, these issues often are what helps a person determine there is an issue with the exhaust on their vehicle. Some of the issues you will notice can include:
  • A bad smell that comes from the rear of your vehicle. You might notice it on the inside of your vehicle if the windows are open, but more often than not, the people behind your vehicle will smell it more.
  • The exhaust pipe on the rear of your vehicle may appear to be rusty or damaged, which can lead to your noticing other damage underneath your vehicle.
  • Condensation dripping from your exhaust pipe is a concern that should be addressed immediately.
  • When you are driving, you may notice that your gas pedal is vibrating, or feels abnormal when you press it down.
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