Warranty Information

When you purchase a new vehicle here at Star Volvo Cars Greensburg, you are provided with warranties that come from the manufacturer. These warranties cover a number of different areas of your vehicle, and they are valid for only a certain amount of time. For example, a powertrain warranty covers the power aspect of your vehicle. It will take care of any issues with your motor, transmission, drive shaft, etc. The powertrain warranty usually lasts for about five to ten years, depending on the manufacturer.

When it comes to a bumper to bumper warranty, this covers other areas of your vehicle like your glass, interior fabric, dashboard, touch screen, safety mechanisms, etc. This is a much shorter warranty and usually only covers the first couple of years.

When shopping for a new vehicle it is important to pay attention to the type of warranty you are going to get. Our staff can help you find the vehicle of your dreams, with the best coverage.




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